Micro Coating

Micro Coating, a water-proof and more persistent alternative for soft cement

Micro Coating is the newest polymeric coating in Hashtico that like any other material in that is 100 percent water based and needless of mixing with other additives.

Micro coating, which is produced to be used for rough cement top, makes the surface utterly flat and ready for Micro cement implementation; with the difference of being fully waterproof, very persistent and smoother final surface than soft cement. Hence the final result would be much more different and in higher quality.


Micro coating, like Microcement, is polymeric cement based and for economical reasons, very practical for underlays.

The powder of this material, which only needs water to be ready to use, is sold in 10-kilogram-buckets and it’s Hashtico‘s exclusive product.

Utilizing this material is in fact very simple and like Microcement, applies with trowel on the surface.