It is a self-consolidating material based on cement and is of newest building floorings and wall covers usable on floors, interior walls and facades.

The simple, minimal and modern appearance of Microterazzo makes it suitable for every environment. This material is the modernized and new generation of mosaic that has the same feeling experience while having more features; like less weight, flat surface, glossier, more variety, erectile on walls, easier installation, etc.

Since Microterazzo have a very flat, glossy and hydrophobic surface, without any rolls and wrinkles, it is a great choice for building floors.

How are they made?

Microterazzo is made of dough that is combined water with micro expose powder, decorative stones and organic and mineral based chips; then shaping the final dough and drying it with a polishing machine.

They thicken pretty fast, casting with the least thickness of 2 cm. They are cast in two ways: either with different shapes and sizes of casts or all in one piece.

The prior is used mainly on walls and could be made in different shapes; like: square, rectangle and triangle, as well as other shapes according to customer’s desire from small to big with fairly simple installation rather than other similar materials.

The latter however, is mostly used on floors and its advantage to other is being needless of a flat surface to be installed; in addition to not having pores which prevents bacteria accumulation and making it easier to be cleaned, therefore having simple and fast installation.

Hashtico’s Microterazzo

In Hashtico’s Microterazzo, we use a powder that due to its micronized material, it is 100% Nano and impervious. This astonishing powder includes 17 organic and mineral materials that have adherence and self-consolidating trait resulting in a very glossy surface with your choice of color of chips.

In Hashtico we have this chance to produce what you desire in terms of patterns and colors to make the most satisfaction.


Advantages of Hashtico’s Microterazzo

  • Unique beauty
  • Minimal and modern along with nostalgia of traditional mosaics
  • Customization feature
  • Wide range of patterns and colors
  • Easily harmonized with the room due to the great variety
  • Multicolor capability without one color overcoming others
  • Waterproof and hydrophobic
  • Self-consolidating and fast preparation
  • Flat and glossy surface
  • Mountable on all surfaces
  • Needless of flat surface for installation
  • Flattening due to being self-consolidating
  • High resistance
  • Fast in thickening
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Antibacterial
  • Soundproof
  • Ability to withstand point pressure of 1730 kg
  • Completely Nano and impervious
  • Utterly water based and odor-free material when being installed