Micro Expose

Micro expose are the new kinds of concrete expose which all its materials are completely blended together because of being micronized, hence it is possible to combine all colors in them and they have a high point strength and due to the nano ingredients, they are absolutely waterproof. 60% less weight and flat and glossy surface so they wouldn’t absorb dust. 

Micro expose put much less weight on constructions and walls as they are very light and have maximum thickness of 1.5 cm. The fiber used in this concrete is earthquake resistant and in fact is considered one of reinforced concrete. Their production process makes them totally antibacterial and cause thermal insulate and sound proof up to 57 decibel. Their lightness and easy installation because of not requiring pointing, has made this product so unique; choosing smart micro expose (that with changing its color depending on the temperature leading to an exclusive look on the walls) results in an elegant home.